Androgenic Alopecia


Androgenic Alopecia is a condition in which women experience diffuse hair thinning over the entire scalp.  This is due to small amounts of the male hormone DHT in the body, which effects the hair follicles.  This may be due to hormones resulting from ovarian cysts, pregnancy and menopause, as well as the use of high-androgen birth control pills.  This is sometimes referred to as female pattern baldness.  Heredity may be a factor.


Commonly known as male or female pattern hair loss, alopecia can be the result of multiple factors. Common causes are an individual’s genetics, age, hormone regulation, and exercise activity, but stress can also play a role in the onset of alopecia. In women, physical and psychologically stressing factors like diabetes, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, divorce or marital separation, and even having more children all play statistically significant roles in the onset and progression of alopecia. On top of that, hair loss itself can be a compounding stressful condition that often also diminishes body image satisfaction.

The good news is that unlike male pattern hair loss, female androgenic alopecia more often causes diffuse thinning without hairline recession. This distinction provides the opportunity to intercede early to maintain and even improve your hair health when alopecia is at work. Managing health issues, exercise deficiencies, and stress all need to become part of your daily ritual, and adding Nouráge to your wellness routine can mean big results in the hair health department. Try Nourage for yourself and see the difference.