Why Nourage?

Discovered in the Swiss Alps, the key ingredients in Nouráge hair growth supplements have been used in Europe for more than fifty years to help people promote healthy hair growth. Nourage founders Dorothy Payne and Linda Martin, used these ingredients to develop an updated formula that meets the needs of the modern user and exceeds international safety standards and regulations. The result is Nouráge: a natural hair growth supplement for healthier, happier hair and a more beautiful you.

Nourage works from the inside, out.

Nouráge utilizes your own metabolic process to build healthier hair from the inside out. Topical keratin treatments and hair health products sold in salons only mask symptoms of poor hair health, and do nothing to address the underlying causes. As part of a healthy lifestyle, Nourage helps ensure your body has the right building blocks to grow thicker, stronger, healthier hair. Hair is made up of the protein keratin that contains a high concentration of certain sulfur-containing amino acids. These amino acids are different from those that make up muscles and other parts of the human body. When these essential amino acids are deficient, new hair becomes weak. Nouráge is a replenishing supplement that encourages hair growth and and strength, and gives you the confidence and well-being you deserve.

Keratin, Nouráge’s natural, active ingredient, is normally an insoluble protein that forms the principal structure of hair and fingernails. However, in the preparation of the Nouráge formula, a special process is used to enhance the solubility, absorbtion, and bio-assimilation of keratin. Just as our bones become more brittle without adequate calcium supplementation in our diets, our hair becomes weaker and thinner without keratin supplementation to the hair follicles. Nouráge hair growth supplements are a natural way to provide hair follicles the nutrients they need in order to do their job.