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Author Archives: Nourage

Chasing Summer Holiday Sunburn 911: Your Guide to Healing ASAP

Jetsetting for the holidays to warmer weather? No matter how much we avoid it or how cautious we are with winter skin, sometimes the inevitable happens. Yep, we’re talking about those unfortunate sunburns. Luckily, we’ve done some research to help nurse your skin back to its healthy glow in a flash. For an even faster […]

Lashing Out

Thinking about taking on the latest trend of eyelash extensions? With so many styles and options to choose from, it may be overwhelming. That’s why Nouráge is leading you through the process of choosing the perfect lash for your desired look. Your real lashes will thank you for nourishing and strengthening them with Nouráge so […]

Color Me Crimson

When we think of fall, burgundy leaves, candied apples, and fiery sunsets come to mind, which has us feeling pretty inspired by nature. If you’re on the same page, you may be thinking about taking a walk on the wild side with a little red dye. Here’s some of our favorite red-headed looks to help […]

Hair Goals: Celeb Styles You’ll Want to Mimic This Summer

Now that your hair is nice and healthy thanks to vitamin-infused Nouráge supplements, it’s time to style those magazine-worthy tresses just like the stars would. This summer, take some inspo from your favorite A-listers, whether it be with a fresh cut or a fierce color overhaul. Fun in the sun will take on a whole […]

The Power of Polish: Find Your Best Shade for Summer 2017

There’s no better time to play up colorful nails than summertime. From exotic ocean-inspired minty hues to bright corals that pop against tan toes, the list of options to make a bold statement is as long as summer solstice. Strengthen nails with Nouráge supplements and let these pretty polishes take care of the rest. 1. […]

Tips For The Best (Fake) Tan Of Your Life

Want a glowing, natural-looking tan but would rather skip all the risks that come along with bathing in the sun? Look no further than this handy list of tips for achieving a beautiful tan via at-home fake and baking. At Nouráge, we’re all about skin health and avoiding harmful methods of getting your glow on. […]

Bring on the Antioxidants with These Healthy Acai Recipes

Did you know that the word acai means the fruit that cries water? What better way to honor this amazing super-food than to create a list of the ways you can incorporate it into your diet this summer? From breakfast to dessert, we’ve found some mouth watering recipes that are both refreshing and healthy. Plus, […]

Top Bridesmaid Hairstyles Trending This Wedding Season

Always a bridesmaid…with the best hair. It’s officially wedding season and while the bride may be the star of the show, the bridesmaids still need their locks, well, locked down. Before wedding bells ring, we’ve collected the most gorgeous hair styles that are perfect for walking down the aisle, along with suggestions for dresses that […]

Give The Gift of Spahhhh This Mother’s Day

Forget the flowers this Mother’s Day and give mom a gift that involves rain baths, steam rooms, and facials, plus a little one-on-one time with you. Take a virtual journey through a few of the most jaw-dropping spas throughout the country to get a little inspo for where you can take the leading lady in […]