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DIY Hair Masks Essential For The Summer

Summer’s here, which means you’ll probably be spending a lot more time under the scorching sun. Now you must be thinking of your next beach (or pool) day–– as you should–– however keep in mind the impact that all your summer activities will have on your hair and scalp. The harmful sun rays, sea salt, […]

Simple, Delicious Spring Meal

One of my favorite things about Spring are all the delicious vegetables that become available at the market! The freshness of in-season produce make cooking a simple delicious spring meal so easy and fast. Music to your ears and your skin, nails and hair! A perfect way to slim down and beautify in preparation for […]

Basic Pre-Bed Hair Treatment Regimen Tips

We have all had the experience of getting out of bed and seeing a with frizzy or tangled hair. When you wake up with bed head, it can be difficult to tame. Rough brushing can lead to damaged hair and split ends. Damaged hair also does no favors for women who are struggling with thinning […]

Basic Guide: Natural Hair Loss Products and Hair Care Tips

Hair loss at any point in your life can be a very concerning and even traumatizing experience. It can catch you off guard, dampen your confidence, and change the way you see yourself, both literally and figuratively. However, there are a number of ways that you can help treat hair loss and even stimulate hair […]