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6 Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair This Summer

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The sun is out, and summer is officially here. Most of us are in the habit of using sunscreen to mitigate skin damage, but those harmful UVA and UVB rays can do just as much damage to our hair. We know this is the season of getting your best tan and summer glow, so we […]

5 Foods for Healthy Hair

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Long before the days of fancy beauty treatments and hair products, healthy hair was tied to a nutritious, balanced diet. Fortunately, eating a balanced diet with nutrient-rich foods still promotes hair growth and strength, giving you healthy, thick, and shiny hair. Yes, you really can see improvements in your hair just by eating the right […]

3 Beauty Benefits of Keratin

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From conditioners to full treatments, keratin products are all over the market. Although they all claim to make your hair smoother and healthier, you’re probably wondering what keratin really is and how you should incorporate it into your beauty routine. We’ve got all the details, so keep reading to find out how keratin can boost […]