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2017 Hair Color Trends - The Best Hair Color Dye-It’s For The New Year

A new year is the perfect excuse to switch it up a bit when it comes to your hair color. Luckily, 2017 is bringing it with some uniquely gorgeous hair color trends, from attention-grabbing Galaxy Hair to subtle, yet striking White Honey. Vitamin-nourished hair with Nourage supplements will do the work to help keep your hair healthy through a color transformation, while these hot hues will keep your style game strong.

1. Ronze


The combination of the words “red” and “bronze” create a phrase just as unique as the color it describes. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to full-blown red tresses, but want something spicier than plain brunette? This stunning color is your answer.

2. Metallic Pearl Gray

Metallic Pearl Gray

Fear gray hair no more! This sophisticated, yet edgy color is not only super-flattering on most skin tones, but also adds dimension to the hair.

3. Rose Gold

Rose Gold

The rose gold trend is popping up just about everywhere lately, so why not incorporate it into your locks? This beautiful tone can be worn year-round as a great way to add both warmth and brightness to your face.

4. White Honey

White Honey

Trying to lighten up in 2017? This striking color falls somewhere between platinum and ash to work a unique spin on the classic bombshell look. Major plus: the grow out appears less harsh.

5. Galaxy Hair


Make a bold statement with the out-of-this-world trend that is equal parts eye-popping and breathtaking. Mix and match bright hues to transform your hair into an extraterrestrial experience.

6. Smokey Lavender

Smokey Lavender

Soften up with this chic look! The love child of purple and gray screams springtime and is certainly a breath of fresh air.

7. Tiger-Eye

Tiger Eye

Creamy caramel and brilliant bronze come together to create this masterpiece. Apply the lighter color with the balayage technique to produce dimensional ribbons of fierce color.

8. Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

A shade so sweet it should be a dessert. Think pink and add a few streaks or go all the way with this delicate color.