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3 Beauty Benefits of Keratin

From conditioners to full treatments, keratin products are all over the market. Although they all claim to make your hair smoother and healthier, you’re probably wondering what keratin really is and how you should incorporate it into your beauty routine. We’ve got all the details, so keep reading to find out how keratin can boost your beauty from within.

What is keratin?

First things first, keratin is the protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. Keratin has both structural and protective benefits that promote strength and growth for hair, skin, and nails. When keratin is damaged, it shows up as brittle hair and rough skin. Luckily, keratin supplements can help replenish and restore any damage.

1. Increase hair growth, strength, and shine

Keratin works by protecting the cells that form each hair strand, so taking keratin supplements boosts protection and repairs damage. In a study published by The Scientific World Journal, researchers found that women who took keratin supplements showed significant improvements in their hair. They measured factors including hair loss, growth, strength, and luster, and saw improvements in just 30 days. Over time, keratin is lost due to heat styling, chemical damage, and exposure to the sun. It is essential to replenish that keratin to have healthy, smooth, and shiny hair.

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2. Overcome brittle nails

Just like our hair, keratin supports the structure of our nails. In the same study, dermatologists found improvements in nail strength and appearance for the women who took keratin supplements. Dermatologists found that fragile, broken, rough, and yellow nails became resistant, smooth, and whiter over the course of the study.

3. Improve skin appearance

In addition to improving your hair and nails, keratin can improve the health and appearance of your skin. The essential protein protects and hydrates the skin, giving you a smooth, healthy complexion. In a study published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, researchers found that keratin supplements improved skin moisture, elasticity, and even the appearance of wrinkles. It’s our little trick to looking young and radiant.

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Ready to boost your beauty from the inside out?

You can enhance keratin production naturally by eating protein-rich foods like red meat, fish, chicken, and yogurt, or plant-based proteins like beans and nuts. Another essential building block of keratin, Vitamin A, can be found in sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, spinach, and kale. For an extra boost, you can replenish keratin through hair products like OUAI Repair Shampoo, which incorporates keratin and amino acids to strengthen damaged hair. To amp up your beauty routine even further, our Nourage supplements promote nourishment and regeneration through premium ingredients like keratin, antioxidants, and essential vitamins. You really can have the hair, nails, and skin you’ve always wanted.  


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