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5 Hair Treatment Tips for Styling

We know that you want your hair to be beautiful and always look perfect. Women dedicate so much time styling their hair every morning, but some of the styling that they do may actually be damaging their hair. Some common styling techniques can harm hair leading to hair loss and split ends. Take a look at some of our tips for styling that actually can improve the health of your hair and promote hair growth

Our Hair Treatment Guide for Styling

This basic guide discusses some of the ways that you may be damaging your hair when you are styling it. Follow some of our tips to ensure that you are styling your hair so that it is always healthy and beautiful.

1. Loosen it Up

When you can, keep your hair down. When you are constantly pulling your hair into tight ponytails, french braids, or chignons, it will put stress on your hair follicles. This could cause your hair follicles to go into the Telogen or "resting phase" earlier than they should. This will prevent hair growth. When you keep your hair in looser hairstyles and keep it down, it allows your hair to grow naturally and easily. If you do put your hair up, style it loosely so that your hair follicles are not being pulled on.

2. Keep it Cool

While hair straighteners and curlers provide the perfectly straight or curly hair you want, they can also seriously damage the shaft and tips of your hair. It's okay to use heat treatments every once in a while, but not every day. When you do use your straightener or curler, make sure that it isn't on the hottest setting. This will keep hair damage at a minimum.

3. Be Careful When You Blow Dry

We recommend that you let your hair just air dry after you wash it, but there are times when you need to dry your hair quickly. Whenever you do blow dry your hair, don't just let your hair fly while the hair dryer is blowing, this will lead to split ends. Use a brush to pull a section of hair away from the scalp and blow dry that section completely, then move onto another section until your hair is dry.

4. Don't Use Too Many Hair Treatment Products

Many products promise to offer shiny, silky hair, but these products are full of chemicals and don't have lasting results. When you do use hair treatments, try using natural oils that can provide vitamins and nutrients to the shaft and tips of your hair.

5. Nourishment from Hair Growth Vitamins

In order to get the beautiful, strong, healthy hair that you want, you need to make sure that your body has the necessary nutrients it needs to promote proper hair growth. When you take a hair growth vitamin, such as Nouráge, you are making sure that your body has the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for strong, healthy hair that is always shiny and beautiful.

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