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5 Hair Treatment Tips to Prevent Split Ends!

Nothing kills the simple beauty of your natural hair more than split ends. Split ends make your hair look damaged and frizzy. Understanding how to properly take care of your hair can make a huge difference when it comes to helping prevent split ends.

5 Easy Hair Treatment Tips to Help You Prevent Split Ends

Doing some simple things to change your routine can help you keep your hair smooth and split-end free! Take a look at our hair treatment tips to keep your hair from getting split ends.

1. Use a Natural Oil as a Detangler

There are so many detanglers on the market with harmful chemicals that can damage your hair. When you use a natural oil such as pure jojoba, argan, shea butter, coconut, and other cold-pressed oils they will moisturize your hair and scalp. This will not only detangle your hair, but also strengthen your hair, which will prevent damage.

2. Be Careful With That Brush!

You should always brush your hair, it is important to help you keep knots out of your hair and can keep your hair smooth and beautiful. However, if you brush your hair incorrectly, you can seriously damage your hair. When we are little, we are taught that we should brush from the top down. However, that can cause knots that you have in your hair to tighten, making them difficult to brush out and this can damage your hair. When you brush your hair. Start at the lower part of your hair shaft and brush down. Then move up to a higher part of your shaft and continue to brush down. Once the hair is completely detangled, you can brush from the scalp down.

3. Avoid Wind When You Can

Wind blowing through your hair can feel wonderful, but it can also seriously damage your hair. When your hair is whipping around all day, it will strain the shaft of your hair, leading to split ends. If you are going to be in a convertible or it is especially windy outside, wear a scarf over your hair in order to keep your hair from flying around in the wind.

4. Don't Skip the Salon!

Of course, this is a no-brainer! However, many women tend to completely skip the salon when they are growing their hair out. This can do more damage than good. When you skip the salon, you will get split ends and if they are not trimmed, they will get worse. Your hair will become damaged and the ends will break off, and the length of the hair will not grow. Going in for a trim every other month will ensure that split ends will stay at bay so your hair can grow properly.

5. Hair Treatment from the Inside Out

Your diet and the supplements that you take can make a huge difference when you want stronger, thicker hair. Make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients you need and are taking hair growth vitamins with keratin to  will ensure that your hair stays strong and healthy for years to come. With healthier hair, split ends will be a thing of the past.

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