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5 Signs You’re in Need of a Hair Treatment

Even hair that isn’t heat-styled and exposed to the elements can grow tired with age. And we all know we don’t protect our hair like we should. We curl, flat iron, drive with the top down, lay in the sun, and everything in between. Guilty!

How to Know When You Need a Hair Treatment

Luckily, there are things we can do to boost the look and feel of our hair. Protein supplements like Nourage can help you get your hair healthy again. Think you’re ready for a hair treatment? Here are the telltale signs.

Low Elasticity

With age and exposure to heat styling, hair can lose its elasticity. Test the elasticity of your hair when it’s wet by pulling out one strand and stretching it. After stretching gently, if your hair doesn’t react and pull back to its original state and length, you may be in need of a hair treatment. It may stay in that stretched out position or even break. When you’re lacking sufficient protein in your hair, it’s more likely to lose elasticity, so this is a telltale sign you’re in need of hair treatment.

Increased Shedding

If you find that the rate of hair shedding has increased on your pillow or while brushing, this could be due to a lack of the essential nutrients your hair needs to grow. When the cuticle releases hair too early, that means that your hair may be entering the telogen phase prematurely and is falling out. You can prevent shedding by giving your hair the protein it needs to stay in each of the hair cycle phases for the adequate amount of time. The result is longer, thicker hair.

Increased Breakage

If you notice that your hair is splitting at the ends and breaking, chances are the entire shaft of the hair is unhealthy. This can affect all the way up to the root. Counteract the telltale signs of breakage by supplying proteins like keratin to help the hair grow properly and produce new hair. If you can produce new strands fast, they will replace the hair that is prone to breakage and improve overall health and shine.

You’re Bleaching

Bleaches can be really traumatic on your hair. Especially due to the recent trend of bright color dyes, bleaching is often a necessity in order to get the dye to look the way you want it. Bleach interacts with and lifts your hair cuticle and resultantly, may leave the hair dry or weak. Protein treatments can fill any gaps that have been affected by the bleaching process and restore the hair to health.


If your hair is fine and getting finer, that means that the cuticle is thin as well and not as likely to have the strength to fend off damage. If your hair is getting finer, a protein supplement may give your hair the boost it needs to keep strands longer, resulting in thicker hair.

Finding the Right Hair Treatment

The right hair treatment can be hard to find! You want to know exactly what’s going into your body. How will it help my hair, how fast will it go to work, what are the ingredients, and will it have any adverse reactions on my body? These are all fantastic ideas to ask or research prior to purchasing hair supplements. If you’re experiencing low hair elasticity, increased shedding, increased breakage, fine hair, or you’re bleaching, it may be time to try a hair treatment. You may be surprised at the affect it has on your hair!

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