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5 Simple Things You Can Do To Save Our Planet

The fight against climate change seems like a daunting task, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all do our part. The smallest things really do make a difference, so here are 5 easy things you can do everyday to help our planet. 

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1. Conserve water

Water consumption plays a huge role in conserving our planet. Reducing water consumption decreases the amount of water we take away from our lakes and rivers, which helps keep our environment clean and healthy. There are so many ways to conserve water at home, like taking shorter showers and remembering to turn the faucet off when it’s not in use. Water can also be repurposed, for example, by using the same water you use to rinse your vegetables to water the plants. Speaking of watering the plants, try shifting away from using hoses and sprinklers and take care of your plants manually to save water. If you have a pool, make sure to keep it covered to reduce evaporation (and save money and energy on heating!). 

2. Shop smarter 

Sustainable shopping includes both how you shop and what products you buy. It’s so easy to reduce plastic waste by bringing along a reusable shopping bag and reusable containers for things like nuts and prepared foods. It’s also important to choose sustainable products that reduce our environmental footprint. By supporting brands that aim to protect our planet, you can encourage other companies to be more conscious of their sourcing and production methods. Some of our favorite eco-friendly brands include Summersalt for sustainable swimwear and AllBirds for shoes made from recycled materials. 

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3. Travel sustainably 

Choosing to bike or walk instead of driving is one of the most effective ways to reduce your environmental footprint. According to National Geographic, auto emissions account for around one-third of the pollution in the US. In addition to releasing toxins into the air, travelling by car has other costs, including the environmental damage of extracting fuel from the earth and the energy consumed from shipping fuel. Cars are a convenient and reliable way to travel, but when you can, it’s always better to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. 

4. Eat green

You can show your support for sustainable food production practices by shifting towards a plant-based diet. Choosing to substitute meat for plant-based options can reduce your environmental footprint by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to biodiversity loss. Producing meat requires vast amounts of agricultural land and lots of water, and leaves us with toxic chemicals in our air and waterways. You don’t need to make the jump to a strict vegan diet; simply choosing plant-based options every now and then can make a real impact. For some inspiration, invite your friends over to try these Vegan Barbecue Brussels Sprout Tacos next Meatless Monday!

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5. Speak up

Your voice is a powerful tool that can be used for positive change. Using your voice on social media is a great way to show brands that you care about protecting our environment and demand sustainable practices. It’s also important to have conversations with your friends and those around you about sustainable living so that everyone is informed and equipped to make the best choices concerning our planet.