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6 Simple Volumizing Hair Treatment Tips

There are times when your hair simply does not have the life and vivacity you want. It looks limp and lifeless. There are some simple things that you can do to boost the volume of your hair and give it some extra life and body.

6 Hair Treatment Tips to Add Volume to Your Hair

Look over some of our hair treatment tips that you can add to your beauty routine. These simple hair treatments will give your hair some additional body and volume.

1. Use Rollers to Add Curl

Curls in your hair can naturally add volume. Of course, using a curling iron is the fastest way to give your hair some body, but constantly using heat on your hair will likely damage it. Using rollers while your hair is drying after your shower is a simple way to add some curl without the damage that heat can cause. If you have stick-straight hair, you should lightly spray your hair right after you take out the curlers.

2. Spray Dry Shampoo at the Roots

Oily hair can become limp and lifeless, but constantly washing and shampooing your hair can also strip its natural oils which will make it dry and frizzy. Using a dry shampoo can refresh your hair without completely removing its natural oils. Dry shampoo can also act similarly to a texturizing spray and it will add some volume.

3. Use a Natural Bristle Brush

Natural bristle brushes will disperse your natural oils throughout your hair. This will add some body and shine to your hair. They are also much more gentle on your hair and do not pull as hard on your hair follicles. This can damage your hair follicles and this can lead to thinning hair.

4. Do a Scalp Massage Hair Treatment

When your hair looks limp, lean over and let your hair hang down. While your hair is hanging, massage your scalp for a minute or so and then flip your hair over. When your hair is flipped over, it should have some nice body. Spray your hair with a little bit of hairspray to keep the body that you have just created.

5. Change Up Your Haircut

The next time you go to the salon, consider talking to your stylist about adding some layers to your hair. Layers that frame your face can make your hair look like it has just a little more volume.

6. Begin Taking Hair Growth Vitamins

Supplementing your diet with a hair growth vitamin such as Nouráge can revive your hair's health and add volume from the inside out. This is especially true if your hair has begun to thin due to factors such as stress, protein deficiency, or alopecia. Nouráge is made with a solubilized keratin and other nutrients in its formula that ensure that your hair is healthy and vivacious. Nouráge also will improve the health of your skin and nails to give you an additional beauty boost. See the difference a hair growth vitamin can make to your beauty routine.

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