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Bad Habits to Stop for Better Hair, Skin, and Nails

Stop These Habits to Improve Your Hair, Skin, and Nails

We all want beautiful and strong hair, skin, and nails—and yet, we constantly do things to ruin the look and feel of ours. Some of these bad habits are conscious actions, while others are typically nervous tics. Regardless of their causes, here are some bad habits to be aware of and try to manage if you want to enjoy better hair, skin, and nails.

Bad Hair Habits to Break

Shampooing Your Hair Too Often

If there’s one rule to follow when it comes to hair care, it’s to be sure not to shampoo your hair every day. Shampooing your hair too often strips it of its natural oils, which can leave you with dry, brittle hair that is prone to breakage. Instead of relying on a hair treatment to fix your dry/damaged hair, try shampooing less often and see what changes.

Picking at Your Split Ends

You’re bored while in a waiting room or uninterested in the TV show you’re watching, so you start picking at your split ends. It’s a mindless activity that seems harmless in theory, but it can really damage your hair—and make it look bad. If you’re finding too many split ends, it might be time for a haircut and/or an effective hair treatment.

Not Brushing Your Hair Regularly

If you like being able to get up and go in the mornings, one of the most commonly overlooked parts of your routine is probably your hair styling. Maybe your hair looks fine when you wake up. Or maybe you just enjoy the messy look. As easy as it seems, you really shouldn’t be skipping brushing your hair. Doing so not just untangles knots, but it helps evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils—giving you healthier, shinier, bouncier hair.

Bad Skin Habits to Break

Not Wearing Sunscreen When You’re Outside

Putting on sunscreen takes a couple of minutes max, so if you’re using the excuse that you don’t have enough time, it’s not going to work. Don’t like the texture or the smell of sunscreen? Try the spray-on kind. Wearing sunscreen can help prevent sunburn, reduce your risk of skin cancer, help you slow down the formation of wrinkles, and preserve your skin’s texture.

Not Washing Your Makeup Off Before Bed

Your skin needs a break from all the makeup you put on each day. At the end of the day, you should be making it a habit to remove your makeup and wash your face. This can help prevent your pores from clogging, control the oil/dryness of your face, and help you avoid the growth of pimples and blackheads.

Not Moisturizing Your Skin

Especially if you have dry skin, you should be using a moisturizer every single day. If you’re not moisturizing your entire body, at least try to focus on your face and hands—as these are most exposed to the sun and are the parts of your body to show signs of aging first.  

Bad Nail Habits to Break

Biting Your Nails

Not only is this gross (Do you have any idea what’s underneath your fingernails?), but it can prevent your nails from growing, weaken them, and make them look unappealing. Some people find that painting their nails helps them stop biting, as it motivates them to want to keep the color intact. Other people keep them short so there’s nothing to bite. While others find conscious ways to distract themselves from biting.

Wearing Acrylic or Gel Nails

Sure, you may like the look of artificial nails, but your real nails are suffering underneath. Your nails have to be filed down in order to make the nails stick, which weakens them and makes them much more prone to breakage. After removing artificial nails, it can take months for your nails to regain their original strength, texture, and appearance.

Ripping Your Cuticles Off

Another bad habit that may be a nervous tic or a conscious act, ripping your cuticles off can not only be painful, but it can do more damage to your skin and nails. Keep your hands moisturized, use cuticle oil, and push back (don’t rip) your cuticles to avoid damage.

Take Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins to Combat These Bad Habits

In addition to stopping these habits, taking the right supplements can help you strengthen and improve your hair, skin, and nails. Learn more about our supplements and order some below!

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