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Basic Guide: Hair Treatment for Swimming

For those of us who love jumping in the pool may feel the effects of the chlorine and chemicals in the pool. After a while, these chemicals can make the hair feel dry and damaged. Doing a basic hair treatment can help to ensure that your hair remains strong, nourished, and healthy even if you are jumping into the pool all the time.

Our Hair Treatment Guide for Swimmers

Follow our basic hair treatment guide to ensure that your hair stays healthy when you love swimming.

Pre-Swimming Hair Treatment

Do these simple steps before jumping into the water.

1. Rinse Hair With Fresh Water

Hair is very porous. This is why it is able to soak up so much water. However, when you jump into the pool, you hair also soaks up all the chemicals in the water as well. When you rinse your hair with fresh water before jumping into the water, the fresh water soaks into your hair and prevents the water into the pool from soaking into your hair.

2. Condition Hair Before Jumping into the Water

When you condition your hair before jumping into the water, you create a secondary barrier to further prevent the water from the pool from soaking into your hair. Using a natural oil could also work instead of a conditioner. You just need something that will nourish your hair and keep it protected.

3. Braid Your Hair

It's important to keep your hair from getting tangled while you are in the water. Braid it and hold the braid with an elastic. This will keep your hair from getting knotted while you are in the water.

Post-Swimming Hair Treatment

Do these simple steps after getting out of the water.

1. Jump Into the Shower Right After Getting Out of the Pool

You want to rinse your hair as soon as you get out of the water. This will keep any chemicals from the pool from soaking into your hair. Use a shampoo to completely rinse your hair and scalp from all chemicals.

2. Condition Hair Again

Condition your hair again. This will ensure that it stays moisturized and will keep it from becoming dried out. You may also want to consider using a leave in conditioner to make sure that the hair stays nourished.

3. Don't Brush Hair While It's Wet and Let It Air Dry

Brushing the hair while it is wet has been found to be one of the leading causes of hair damage and split ends. Also, hot tools can also damage your hair. Let your hair air dry and then use a detangling spray and brush your hair. If you MUST comb your hair while it's wet, use a wide tooth comb.

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