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Beachy Waves Hair Treatment Tutorial

No matter what season it is, there are some times when you really just want it to be summer, at least, when it comes to your hair. Even if you weren't able to surf this morning, you could still get those waves into your hair. Beachy waves are the perfect way to make your hair look effortlessly cool with big volume.

Our Hair Treatment Guide to Beachy Waves

Follow this basic hair treatment guide to get those "California Curls" any time of the year.

1. Start With a Messy Braid the Night Before

After your shower when your hair is still slightly damp, use a small bit of coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner (A little can go a long way). This will prevent crazy frizz the next morning and adds a beachy scent to your hair.  Then, put your hair into a big braid. Pull at the strands in your braid to make it loose and a little bigger. Lightly spritz your hair with a sea salt spray and put the braid up in a bun. Go ahead and sleep on it.

2. Spritz It With Sea Salt Spray

This should be the first thing that you do in the morning. Take the hair out of the bun, but keep it in the braid. Spray it again with sea salt spray. You can be much more generous with the sea salt spray in this spritzing.

3. Wait for It to Dry

You are going to want to wait until your hair is mostly dry before you take it out of the braid. If you have time to wait for it to air dry, then let it air dry mostly and take it out of the braid. If you don't have time to let it dry completely, then take it out of the braid and use a diffuser on your blow dryer to get those loose waves.

4. Break It Up

Loosen up your waves to make them look more voluminous and big. Use a wide tooth comb to break up the waves. Don't brush them up too much, just enough to get those big waves you are looking for.

5. You're Good to Go!

You should have those big waves that help give your thickness and volume. This look is so effortless while still being cool and airy.

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