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Festival-Ready Hair - The Best Looks To Bring Out Your Inner Rockstar

Festival season is upon us! Line-ups have been released and it’s time to start preparing for the best music-based bashes of the year. Whether you’re into line-dancing at Stagecoach, rocking your own boho style at Coachella, or getting down with some wine at Bottle Rock, on-trend hair is a must. Nouráge has you covered with a blend of nourishing proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins that will keep up with the concert elements as you dance the night away. Plus, we’ve included our favorite show-stopping hair styles that will help you shine as bright as the stars on stage.

1. The Decorated Scalp

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This look is sure to be a chart-topper! Take it all the way to #1 with an eclectic statement piece that can easily be secured with bobby pins.

2. The Embellished Braid

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This easy-to-do look deserves a standing ovation. Add some flowers, ribbon, or jewels throughout the length of your braid to create a beautiful twist on a classic style.

3. The Pop Of Color

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Does festival season bring out your diva alter-ego? Dip the ends of your hair in a splash of your favorite colored temporary dye for the weekend, and have it wash out just in time for work on Monday morning.

4. The Double Bun

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Channel Princess Leia vibes with two twisted top knots, and make them as messy or neat as you want! Add an interesting touch to the style with tight braids starting at the nape of the neck.

5. The Dream Catcher

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Flower crowns are so last-year; this time around it’s all about dream catchers! Carefully craft your own feathered ensemble to put a unique touch on this season’s must-have hair piece.

6. The Head Wrap

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That’s a wrap! The last day of a long festival weekend might mean your hair is ready for a break. Pick a bright color or cool print and throw those tresses up for an effortlessly chic look.