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Fix a Bad Hair Day with These Hair Treatment Tips

There are some mornings when you wake up, look in the mirror and you just know that it's gonna be a bad hair day, but you don't have the time to jump in the shower and blow out your hair. There are certain things that you can do to avoid bed head in the morning, but when you are just having a bad hair day it's hard to figure out how to style your hair. Many women try to solve this problem by wearing a hat, but if hats aren't your style, there are some things you can do to solve a bad hair day.

How to Solve a Bad Hair Day with Styling Hair Treatment Tips

If you are struggling with a bad hair day, try some of these tips to for w quick solution to make your hair look revived.

+ Spritz with Water and Blow Dry

It can be amazing what a little bit of water can do to completely revamp your hair on a bad hair day. Just lightly spritz your hair with water in a spray bottle and then use a brush to blow out the hair. A majority of the styling is done during the final part of the blow dry so this is a simple way to add life back into your hair.

+ Braid It Up!

Braids are coming back in a big way, especially the messy, bohemian braids. Braids look so intricate, but when you master them, they go really quick, and they make your hair look amazing. Find a braid hairstyle that you love and quickly do it before heading out the door.

+ Use a Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are becoming increasingly popular. They are a quick way to add volume and life back to limp and lifeless hair. If you have darker hair, it is important that you thoroughly brush your hair so that there are no streaks left from the dry shampoo.

+ Try an Updo Hair Treatment

Doing a basic updo even it is a messy top knot can give you an elegant look. A loose look can be a simple solution to make hair look more elegant throughout the day. If your hair looks dry and damaged, rub a little bit of a natural oil into your hair before putting it up.

+ Tame Flyaways with Hairspray and Old Toothbrush

If your hair looks okay, but you seem to have little frizzy baby hairs sticking out of the top of your hair, this can easily be solved. Take a clean, old toothbrush, spray it with hairspray and lightly comb the frizzy hairs for a smoother, chic look.

Have More Good Hair Days with Hair Growth Supplements

Your hair will naturally look better when it is getting the nourishment that it needs. You will see yourself waking up with fewer bad hair days. Our hair growth supplements provide your body with the nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants your body with everything that it needs to improve the health and look of your hair, skin, and nails. Try our beauty supplement regimen to see the difference that nourishment can make.

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