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Protein Deficiency and Hair Loss

Let's talk about protein for a second here. Protein is necessary for muscle growth, hormone regulation, and immune support. It's also what a majority of our hair is made from. Protein composes about 90% of our hair. In order to grow the beautiful hair that you want, you need to make sure you are getting the protein and nutrients your body needs.

Protein Deficiency and Your Hair Treatment

If you struggle with protein deficiency, your hair follicles are not receiving the necessary nutrients they need build strong, healthy hair, and this can lead to hair loss. Hair loss due to protein deficiency is especially relevant for vegetarians or vegans. "Complete proteins" are proteins found in animal meat. They have all of the amino acids your body needs. However, proteins found in vegetables, or "incomplete proteins", often don't have essential amino acids. There are many hair treatments available that are said to promote hair growth. However, they often treat the symptoms without treating the underlying cause.

Your Hair Treatment Diet

Anyone struggling with hair loss may need to change their diet to include foods that will promote hair growth. If you are not a vegetarian, it is important to make sure that you are getting the necessary lean proteins such as fish, chicken, or pork loin. Vegetarians and vegans may have a little bit of a more difficult time supplementing their diets with protein. Combining legumes (beans) with grains such as rice or wheat can create a complete protein. Quinoa, Buckwheat, and Soy are 3 types of vegetables that provide complete proteins. If you have decided to go meatless, you may need to do some additional research and talk to your doctor to ensure that you are getting enough protein.

Keratin Hair Treatment

Now, let's talk about the importance of Keratin when it comes to hair. Keratin is absolutely vital for hair growth. It is the key component of hair and nails. When your body is deficient of this protein, your hair and nails will become weak and brittle. Keratin is also a vital structural component of the outer layer of your skin.

There are many topical treatments that claim that they supplement your hair with Keratin, but the hair treatment benefits do not last. These treatments do not help the health of your skin and nails. They provide the shaft and tips of the hair with Keratin, but not where it is needed most, the hair follicles, nails, and skin. Hair growth vitamins offer the best results because they provide your body with the Keratin that it needs.

Understanding Hair Growth Vitamins

When your body receives Keratin internally through hair growth vitamins, your hair follicles will have the Keratin it needs to produce stronger, healthier hair. Nouráge is made with the most biologically available Keratin, created from the virgin wool of New Zealand sheep. The Keratin, as well as our blend of vitamins and antioxidants, in Nouráge's formula helps hair and nail health. Taking hair growth vitamins is a simple beauty boost to improve hair and nail health while revitalizing your skin.

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