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Simple Winter Hair Treatment Tips

During the cold, wet, winter weather our hair can suffer. The cold weather and elements can make hair more brittle and susceptible to breakage and hair loss. You need to take additional care of your hair and skin during this time of the year so that it can be protected from the harsh elements of winter.

4 Winter Beauty and Hair Treatment Tips

Whether you are struggling with heavy rains, blowing winds, or cold temperatures, winter is not the best time of the year for your hair. There are certain hair treatments you can do to ensure that your hair remains thick, strong, and healthy. Take a look at some of our basic hair treatment tips to ensure that your hair stays healthy during this time of year.

1. Be Careful with Hats

Now, we are not saying don't wear hats. Hats can be very helpful to protect your hair from the elements, but just be warned. Tight hats, such a beanies, can create friction and reduce blood circulation within the scalp. If you want to wear a hat, silk scarves are going to be your friend. Loosely tie your silk scarf onto your head before you place your hat onto your head. It is important that the scarf is loose so that blood circulation will continue nourish your hair follicles and your hair will remain healthy.

2. Keep Hair Washing to a Minimum

Washing your hair constantly can strip natural oils from your hair which will cause your hair to become dry and unhealthy. You only really need to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. Keeping hair washing to a minimum will also keep blow drying to a minimum because you should never go outside with wet hair when it is cold outside. However, too much blow drying can dry out your hair and that can lead to split ends as well.

3. Do a Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Doing a deep conditioning hair treatment with natural oils at least once a week will keep your hair nourished and soft all winter long. Natural oils have vitamins and nutrients that keep your hair strong and healthy. While you are doing the deep conditioning, be sure to massage your scalp. A light scalp massage can encourage blood circulation within your scalp and this will promote healthy hair growth.

4. Take Daily Hair Growth Vitamins

A complete regimen of hair growth vitamins can ensure that your hair remains thick and healthy from the inside out. Nouráge hair growth vitamins offer a formulated blend of solubilized keratin, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that keep your hair thick and healthy. Hair growth vitamins also improve the look and health of skin and nails. Your skin will remain soft and smooth even through the cold and windy weather and your nails will become stronger.

Nourishing Hair Treatment for Healthier Hair

Be sure to take extra care of your hair and beauty during this time of the year. However, it is important to take care of your beauty no matter what season it is. Doing a hair treatment such as Nouráge year-round can ensure that your hair remains healthy at all times.

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