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Swoon-Worthy Hair, Skin, Nails and Lashes For Valentine’s Day

We’ve got love on the brain! As the most romantic day of the year approaches, we’re taking inspiration from our favorite sultry, feminine, and daring looks to put together the ultimate Valentine’s Day ensemble. Stock up on vitamin-enriched Nouráge supplements to help make your skin, hair, nails and lashes look top-notch for the day dedicated to love.

1. Festive Nails

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Whether you’re having a singles celebration with gal pals or going the fancy date night route with your honey, fresh nails are necessary. Keep it simple with a sophisticated red hue, or have some fun with themed designs and decals.

2. Flirty Lashes

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Regular use of Nouráge will helps those lashes grow long and strong, perfect for amped up Valentine’s Day eyes. Apply a few dots of eyeliner followed by 2 coats of lengthening mascara in a dramatic black shade to bring whimsical babydoll lashes to life.

3. Bright Lips

We’re loving this spin on the classic red lip. Switch it up and bring the heat with an orange-red lipstick shade. Now pucker up and leave your mark!

4. Rosey Cheeks

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Flushed cheeks are the perfect way to create a sweet, feminine look. Sweep a rosy-pink shade of blush over the apples of your cheeks and get your glow on!

5. Romantic Hair

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Tie together the entire look by pinning a loose braid under and fluffing it out for a sexy, yet understated vibe. We guarantee you’ll be getting some heart-eyed stares.