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The Benefits of Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamins

Biotin, vitamin C, copper, zinc and beta carotene–if you’ve ever used or considered using hair, skin, and nails vitamins you’ve definitely heard these names thrown around. The most popular vitamins used to help lengthen hair, clear skin, and strengthen nails, they are the perfect example of what you can achieve with almost no effort.

One Easy Step, Four Glamourous Results

The hardest part of growing your hair, caring for your skin, or maintaining your nails is the effort. So many hair care, skin care, and nail care regimens involve complex processes and steps more complicated than advanced chemistry. With hair, skin, and nails vitamins, those hours spent in the bathroom can be replaced with one easy step, taking your vitamins.


  • Long, Luxurious Hair


There are a myriad of hair vitamins that can help you get the hair you always wanted. Keratin, collagen, and copper are all examples of supplements you can take to easily give yourself longer, more luxurious hair. While keratin bolsters the connective tissue in your hair to help hair grow and repair split ends, copper helps your hair maintain its color and pigmentation. Collagen helps add length to your hair as it provides the building blocks your hair needs. In addition to these benefits, hair vitamins can also improve the overall sheen and softness of your hair.


  • Naturally Glowing and Radiant Skin


Just like hair, your skin can easily be maintained with vitamins. From anti-aging to moisturizing effects, these skin vitamins can achieve radiant skin with ease. Vitamin A is the number one anti-aging vitamin. It can help reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. Vitamin B3 boosts your skin's hydration to decrease redness and create a more natural, dewy glow. Similarly, Vitamin E combats dryness in addition to reducing UV effects on the skin. This way you can prevent future skin damage while repairing the damage already inflicted upon your body. Taking Vitamin K is the easiest to reduce dark spots and give the illusion of younger, brighter eyes.


  • Strong, Healthy Nails


Nail care is often ignored, considered too timely for something seemingly insignificant. However, with the help of nail vitamins, you can easily revive short, brittle nails and achieve the manicure you always dreamed of. Iron can help brittle nails become more supple, as brittle nails are occasionally a sign of an Iron deficiency. Zinc can help your nails grow longer and your cuticles stay healthy as they encourage growth and reduce inflammation. Vitamin B12 can help keep your nails hydrated in addition to returning them to a more normal, lighter color.


  • Confidence


Perhaps the best result, hair, skin, and nails vitamins can help anyone find confidence in their appearance. Whether it’s your split ends, dark spots, or short nails, vitamins can help you look the way you always wanted to with ease. You won’t need to worry about maintaining a time-consuming routine but can still maintain all the benefits and love yourself. Besides, what’s more beautiful than confidence?