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Thin Hair? Try These Hair Treatment Tricks to Thicken

With naturally thin or thinning hair, the quest to find the right hair thickening tricks is never-ending. It can be frustrating once you’ve exhausted some of the less-than-natural hair treatment methods and end up worse than you started: with hair that’s still thin, but now damaged as well. Follow our easy and common-sense guide to achieving healthy, thick hair--naturally.

Natural Hair Treatments to Thicken and Strengthen

Making minor changes to your lifestyle and routine are usually all it takes to make and keep your hair thick and strong. The following hair treatment tricks are 100% natural and will bring serious results.

A Healthy Hair Diet

Start from the inside and work your way out. It’s important to remember that your hair health starts with the nutrients you absorb. This means eating a balanced, healthy diet, but there are certain foods that are especially beneficial for strengthening and thickening your hair: foods high in antioxidants, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, biotin, and protein. Some examples include blueberries, citrus fruits, salmon, peanuts, and lentils.

Natural Hair Growth Supplements

While a healthy diet is important, it should be supported and supplemented with vitamins in order to bring your body all of the nutrients needed for thick and healthy hair. Ensure you are getting the complete nutrients you need by taking natural hair growth supplements. The right combination of vitamins and nutrients is not a temporary thickening trick--it will ensure that your hair stays strong, healthy, and thick.

Natural Oil Scalp Massages

Once you’ve adopted the practices detailed above, ensuring that your body is absorbing all of the right nutrients, you can start focusing on helping your hair absorb nutrients from the outside as well. There are many natural oils with important vitamins and minerals that can make your hair healthier and thicker. When paired with scalp massages, which help hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles, natural oils such as olive, argan, coconut, jojoba, or avocado will increase your hair’s volume and overall health.

The Right Workouts

Aside from the well-known stress-reducing (and therefore hair-healthy) benefits of exercise, there are specific types of workouts that can help your hair become thicker and stronger. Intense cardio releases toxins from the body, which directly affects your sebum, an oil secreted by your skin glands that keeps your hair from drying and becoming damaged. Some of the inverted poses that you might do in yoga are great for increasing blood circulation to the scalp and nourishing the hair follicles for faster and healthier growth.

Eggs for Added Strength

Eggs are protein-rich and great for adding thickness and strength to your hair. All you’ll need is two eggs whisked together. Apply the whisked solution to your dry hair and let it sit for at least twenty minutes. You can then rinse, shampoo, and repeat at least four times per week.

While this will help topically, remember that the best hair treatments you can do for your hair start on the inside. Eat the right foods, get the right nutrients, and exercise, and you will have naturally thick hair that only gets stronger and healthier with time.

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