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How Our Hair Vitamins Work

The Nouráge Difference

We understand you struggle to get the look you desire, whether due to genetic makeup, daily stresses, post-pregnancy recovery, heat styling, or regular aging. That’s why we developed Nouráge as a single solution hair treatment to looking and feeling more beautiful. Our vitamins also act as a skin care supplement, meaning you get even more value by taking them. With no harmful side effects, women all over the world have come to rely on the amazing beauty boost that Nouráge provides. Each ingredient in Nouráge has been hand-selected for its health and beauty benefits.

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Keratin, a protein found in healthy hair, supports the structure of hair and nails as it grows. Keratin supplements promote beautiful texture and shine.
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B vitamins such as biotin boost cell health, promoting faster growth of hair, skin, and nails
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Vitamin C promotes skin elasticity and protects against wrinkles
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Zinc and copper, a highly effective duo, aid in the prevention of cell damage to the skin
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Antioxidants, like blueberry, nourish the body and provide a stable environment for healthy hair growth, vibrant skin, and are just as effective as nail supplements.
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Working With Your Hair Growth Cycle

Nouráge supplements each phase of your hair growth cycle, ensuring that hair follicles have the nutrients they need to grow thicker, stronger, and faster.

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The Anagen Phase

Growth – 2-7 Years

Cells in the root divide and create new hair at the base of the follicle, pushing the rest of the strand out. Your hair is in need of vital nutrients during this stage, which Nouráge provides. When people say “my hair grows fast”, they’re in the anagen phase for a longer period of time. If this phase lasts shorter than two years, the result is balding.

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The Catagen Phase

Transition – 2-3 Weeks

At the end of the Anagen Phase, hair growth “takes a break.” It stops growing and prepares to fall out to make room for new hair, but it’s still attached to the hair shaft. This is different than hair death because the hair is still healthy, but at this point, the hair no longer has access to its blood supply and the nutrients your body provides. Nouráge fortifies your body’s ability to accelerate and strengthen replacement hair.

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The Telogen Phase

Rest – 3-4 Months

In this stage, a club (nonliving) hair is fully formed. Telogen hairs fall out on their own. These are the hairs you see on your pillow, in the sink, or in your hair brush. When the body is subjected to extreme stress, 60-70% of hair can enter the telogen phase prematurely, causing hair loss, thinning, and balding. Nouráge helps counteract this process by minimizing hair loss and helping to maintain a thicker and more youthful look.

Fortifying Nail
Growth and Strength

Nouráge supports your body to ensure your nail beds have the nutrients they need to grow stronger, healthier, and more luxurious-looking nails.

Working with Your Nail Matrix

Nail growth starts in the base of the nail. This area is called the nail matrix, or nail bed, and consists of a group of specialized cells that produce the protein, keratin. Keratin is one of the most important requirements for nail growth, just as it plays a large role in hair growth. Keratin cells, located at the root of the nail, harden and flatten to become the nail plate, while new cells form beneath the top layer, pushing the hard cells out to the surface in a continuous process. The absence of keratin can affect your nails, causing weakness and unsightly white lines.

Nouráge works to support the nail matrix and supply an additional boost of nail fortifying keratin that is easily absorbed into the nail bed. This provides faster nail growth and promotes strong, vibrant, higher-luster nails that will resist breaking and cracking.

Improving Overall Skin Health

Nouráge is specially formulated to help maintain overall skin health by fortifying the critical outer layer of the skin, while helping to maintain the dermal-epidermal junction that is key to creating a smooth, healthy complexion.

Nourage, a Hair, Skin, and Nails SupplementKeratin’s Role in Skin Health

Researchers have recently discovered that one of the most critical ingredients in overall hair health is keratin. Not only is the outermost layer of your skin mostly keratin, but within every cell in the skin, a keratin structure is responsible for keeping the cell functioning well. Over the last few years, high profile medical research has shown that keratin protein also plays a very important role in healing, meaning that it helps skin cells perform important functions.

Increasing Collagens

A particular type of wool-based keratin such as Cynatine™ Keratin, which is formulated in Nouráge, helps skin cells produce two particular collagens very well – collagen 4 (C4) and collagen 7 (C7). Skin cells were found to have made more collagen 4 (C4) and collagen 7 (C7) in the presence of this keratin. C4 and C7 build the dermal-epidermal junction, and when these two layers of the skin join together appropriately, the result is smooth, healthy skin.

Nouráge blends a unique type of keratin with a number of other known ingredients that are important to skin health such as biotin, vitamin C and pantothenic acid.

How Nouráge Can Help You

Women face health and beauty challenges for many different reasons, and as they age, their hair, skin, and nails may lack the luster they remember from their youth. Whether you’re looking for specific treatment options like menopause supplements, or just want to feel great about your appearance, Nouráge can help. Revive your look with our supplements at the first sign of a beauty challenge and gain the total body benefits from our advanced formula.

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General Enhancement of Hair
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General Enhancement of Skin
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General Enhancement of Nails
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Hair Loss due to Aging
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Hair Loss due to Weight Loss
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Thinning Hair due to Extreme Stress
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Hair Loss due to Chemotherapy
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Damage due to Protein Deficiency
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