Alopecia Treatment Pills (1)Nouráge Menopause Supplements and Hair Vitamins

Hair loss is common for women going through menopause. Fortunately, the hair loss is often temporary and hair can re-grow with time. Heredity plays a role, but there are also nutritional factors to keep in mind when you want to prevent menopausal hair loss. This type of hair loss sometimes occurs when you aren’t getting enough vitamins and minerals through your diet, specifically B complex vitamins and iron. Nouráge ensures that your body is getting the nutrients you need so that your hair can grow back fuller and thicker. Try our beauty supplements to see how your hair can be revitalized through Nouráge.

Take Back Your Body Balance

Your body is going through a number of changes during menopause. Nouráge ensures that your hair remains strong and beautiful during this change. Additionally, if your diet is heavy in refined carbohydrates, your body has to increase insulin production which makes your body move toward higher androgen production which can cause hair thinning. One way to regain balance is through improved nutrition and gentle endocrine support. In addition to maintaining a balanced diet, Nouráge may help bolster a woman’s hair health during this time of changing hormone levels.

Give Beauty a Boost

Nouráge natural hair growth supplements ensure that your body gets all of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs to promote hair growth during menopause.
Your health is especially important during this time. It is crucial to make sure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs in order to maintain the right hormone levels for your body so that your hair stays thick and beautiful. Try a Nouráge hair growth supplement regimen and feel the difference.