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about us

Years ago, mother-daughter duo Dorothy Payne and Tina Sarafa discovered the life-changing effects of a unique hair supplement while visiting Switzerland together. Suffering from embarrassingly thin, dry, unhealthy hair her whole life, Dorothy was moved by how thick, healthy and luxurious her hair had become after trying this new supplement, so they decided to bring their discovery back to the United States.

The two worked with doctors, dermatologists, scientists, and beauty experts to develop the original Swiss formula and create Nouráge. It was important that all the ingredients be the highest quality, clean, pure, and ultra-effective. The proprietary blend included a patented Cynatine Keratin, boosted by antioxidants and vitamins to help healthy hair grow. After perfecting the formula, they began selling the product out of their garage. Word spread and the business grew quickly. Dorothy and Tina were thrilled to help thousands of people regain their confidence through healthier hair.
Today, Tina heads Nouráge, ensuring the mother and daughter vision of helping people remains at the forefront of everything they do.

our values

High Quality Ingredients

We’re committed to using pure, clean ingredients that are proven to deliver results. We’ll never use fillers, additives, or anything that might cause unwanted side effects.

Effective Results

We know firsthand how stressful it can be to have unhealthy, thinning hair, and we don’t want anyone to go through that pain. We put people first, and our formula delivers life-changing results.


It’s so important for us to make sure our product is healthy, safe, and effective, so we work with dermatologists and doctors around the country who recommend Nouráge to their patients.