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natural. nourishing. no nonsense.

What’s in our proprietary blend? Proteins, vitamins, minerals, and a super potent antioxidant complex. No additives, no side effects, just results.

natural • non-GMO • gluten-free

Each ingredient in our patented formula is hand-selected and clinically proven to deliver noticeable, lasting results. Our Master Blend is rich in high-quality, highly concentrated proteins, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, including our unique, easy-to-absorb blend of Biotin and Cynatine® HSN Keratin. Nouráge is true nourishment, made to keep your body functioning the way it should be.

what’s in our formula

Cynatine® HSN Keratin

A protein found naturally in the body, Keratin is essential for hair growth and regeneration.
Our clinically-proven Keratin blend is perfected through our patented process, allowing it to be fully absorbed by the body, to improve your hair’s structure and health in a way that regular Keratin just can’t.


This metabolism-boosting vitamin prevents grays and hair loss. It isn’t easily available in food, so we’ve packed it into our formula.

Vitamin C

Essential to the production of collagen, Vitamin C boasts healing properties to keep hair, skin, and nails looking great.

Vitamin B ComplexC

Vitamin B helps prevent hair loss by keeping hormones in check, and giving your immune system a little extra help.


Essential to the production of healthy cells, Zinc directly affects how healthy your hair, skin, and nails appear.


Responsible for the production of Melanin, Copper is the essential mineral that gives your hair its healthy color.


Superfoods like beetroot, acai, blueberry, and elderberry, deliver restorative anti-aging and reparative properties.

Before trying Nouráge, my hair was dry, damaged, and wouldn’t grow past a certain length. Now I get compliments on how shiny my hair is, how long it is, and I love my hair again!

– Laura, Westboro, MA

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