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Success With Nouráge

We take great pride in the stories that have been shared with us about incredible results achieved from using Nouráge.

Tiffany, A Nourage Hair Supplement Client

Tiffany, Nourage user

Judy, A Success Story and User of Nourage Hair Growth Vitamins

Judy, Nourage user

Woman With No Hair Before Taking Hair Growth Vitamins

Woman's Hair After Taking Hair Growth Vitamins

Los Angeles, CA

A heartfelt thank you for getting my hair and my self esteem back in order. When I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 33, it was heartbreaking! One of the worst parts was the fact that I was going to lose my beautiful long curly hair! I donated 13” to a charity and cried myself to sleep that night. When I came out of all the surgeries and chemotherapy treatments and found Nouráge, I was willing to try anything. To be honest I thought yeah, right this is not going to help much. From what I heard, your hair is never the same and might even come back gray. But what happened was nothing short of a miracle. Mine came back with a vengeance and I owe a thank you to Nouráge! I can’t figure out why I’m the only patient I know with fabulous hair and it’s healthy and exactly like my old hair! It also sped up the growth cycle and in 1 year I already have a cute bob! I have a secret and it’s your vitamins! Thank you for helping me get through this time in my life! Who knew hair was such a big deal! But as a woman you just don’t feel as beautiful without it!

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Bootsie-Seattle, WA.

I’m 72 years old and after 2 months of taking Nouráge daily my hair stylist noticed my hair was thicker and very shiny. After 3 months at my monthly hair appointment she was amazed that my cowlick I have had since I was a teenager was easier to style due to the thickness of my hair. Now after 6 months my cowlick is barely noticeable and I get so many compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair is. LOVE Nouráge!


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Martha M.-Millwood, GA

Before trying Nouráge I suffered from thinning, breaking, and fine hair. Since taking the product, I have noticed significant hair (and nail) growth, re-growth, strength, and improved overall texture of my hair. It took about 4 months for me to notice results, which is interesting since I previously took Biotin for years and never had such good results.

I’ve been using Nouráge along with DermOrganic shampoo, masque, and oil. I have always been a proponent of these products but with the addition of Nouráge to my routine, people now ask me what I am doing to my hair. My sister mentioned Nouráge to me and I am so glad she did!


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Jennifer S.-Greenwich, CT

Before using Nouráge, my hair was really thin and scraggly! Taking Nouráge really improved my hair’s thickness and shine. I don’t know exactly how long it took to start seeing a change in my hair health, but I think I started to notice a change after around 3 months of use. My mother even asked me how I had so much more hair lately! I am really happy to have found Nouráge and would ABSOLUTELY recommend it to others!


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Laura M.-Mishawaka, IN

My hair was limp and thinning for years before finding out about Nouráge hair vitamins. For years I took Biotin, per my hairdresser’s recommendation, with no visible results. In contrast, the results I have had from taking Nouráge have been really amazing! In approximately 4-6 weeks my hair looked and felt fuller and healthier. I would very emphatically recommend Nouráge to others!


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Estela G.-Haledon, NJ

Nouráge is absolutely unbelievable. My hair was always thin and shoulder length no matter what I did. I didn’t even have to cut it! I literally tried everything out there to try to encourage hair growth and nothing worked. Then I tried Nouráge! I started to notice results in 1-2 weeks. Crazy! While my hair is still thin, it is now long past my bra line and SO soft and shiny. It hasn’t been this long since I was a teenager. Thank you Nouráge!


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Christine W.-Laguna Niguel, CA

“My hair began to come back in better than before the arthritis treatment.”
Drugs for rheumatoid arthritis made my hair shed worse than my Persian cat. It was tangling my vacuum cleaner! After trying Nouráge, my hair began to come back in better than before the arthritis treatment. I was delighted! I have already recommended Nouráge to several friends and family members. Thank you!


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Trina D.-Houston, TX

Before Nouráge, my hair was thinning due to health problems and some hairs were easily damaged and growing in a kinky pattern. Since taking Nouráge, I have experienced lots of new growth, 3-4 inches now, and far fewer kinky hairs. After 2 months of using Nouráge I started to notice results, and at 3 months my hairdresser said, “Look at your new hair coming in!” I also noticed more fingernail growth and strength within the first month of usage. I would absolutely recommend Nouráge to others.


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Diane S.-San Ramon, CA

Prior to using Nouráge my hair was dry like a bale of hay, over-processed, thinning, breaking, and super damaged. After about 4 weeks of using Nouráge, my hair is noticeably thicker, shinier, longer, and healthier. I already have recommended and purchased Nouráge for others and will continue to do so!

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Gabriella D.-Claymont, DE

My hair has always very thin, dry, and blonde. I went through a very hard time in my life where I just finished college, lost all of my friends, and was back living with my parents. I also broke out in horrible hormonal acne on my face and back. One day I was watching Watch What Happens Live and heard Kyle Richards talk about how much she loved Nouráge. I decided to buy some and since then I have had a total hair transformation. My hair has never looked better! Before Nouráge my hair was flat, dull and lackluster. Now it has beautiful body and is rich in color and health. I noticed improvement at about three months and significant improvement thereafter.

Nouráge has been a Godsend for me and I am really grateful to have it. I would recommend it so others can feel confident in their hair too!


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Lori R.-Palm Desert, CA

My job as a traveling speech therapist means that I have different assignments across the U.S. It also means that my hair has to endure different climates, but it also means always trying to find a stylist in a new area to help my hair remain healthy and strong. I have not been so lucky in that area. My hair went from a length of past my shoulders to having to be cut to a bob hairstyle (mid neck length) because of stylists who were unfamiliar with my hair type and the appropriate products to use.

As I wash my hair on a week-to-week basis, I see a new shine to my hair! My husband even compliments me on the improved health of my hair since using Nouráge. Additionally, my stylist reports that he is seeing a difference, stating that my hair feels AND looks good. I wanted to give the vitamins at least a month to be in my system and that was long enough to begin noticing a difference! I would definitely recommend Nouráge to family, friends, co-workers, and strangers! Whoever asks about my hair will hear about Nouráge!


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Dominique D.-Woodland Hills, CA

Before using Nouráge, my hair just wasn’t as healthy as I wanted it to be. I also wanted it to grow faster and longer. By taking Nouráge, I feel like my hair grew quicker and just feels healthier in general. I was amazed that it only took about a 1 1/2 to 2 months to notice a real difference in my hair. Because of the great results I had with the product, I bought Nouráge as birthday presents for my friends so they could feel the difference for themselves!


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Jennifer A.-Upland, CA

My hair is very fine and after having kids and nursing it felt like I had lost a lot of the hair I once had. My post pregnancy hair losses made me do some research about hair vitamins online and thankfully I came across Nouráge in that search. Since taking Nouráge my hair feels thicker, stronger and even my hair stylist has noticed I am growing back a lot of the hair I had lost after my pregnancies. I started noticing results within about 3 months and would definitely recommend Nouráge to others.


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Maya K.-Bakersfield, CA

Before using Nouráge, my hair was very frizzy and lacked shine. Since using Nouráge, my hair has become more manageable and I get many compliments on my hair’s shine. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


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Ashley C.-Dayton, OH

Prior to using Nouráge I had thin, brittle, lifeless hair. Nouráge has worked wonders for my hair: now thick and full with a beautiful shine. It was about two months when others started to compliment me on my hair. I would most definitely recommend this product to others. Unlike other products that promise results, Nouráge produces results.


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Kim | Ardmore, PA

I have been a Nouráge consumer since Jan/Feb 2014. I stumbled upon Nouráge by reading one of my favorite magazines, US Weekly. I turned to the page “What’s in my bag” and Kyle Richards was the celebrity on that page. Nouráge was listed as one of her items she can’t live without. I read about why Kyle takes Nouráge and decided to try it. My hair is coarse and wavy so I was blowing it out and flat ironing it too much and it broke off in the front. So I thought WOW this may be perfect for me to get my hair back to its healthy state. I googled Nouráge and placed my order for one month supply. I got my first month supply and at the end of the month I felt a difference in my hair. My hair has been growing in nicely, it’s shinier, and healthier. My stylist has even noticed my hair length and it’s overall health. She’s amazed!!! I must say I get compliments a lot about my hair looking so good. Sometimes people ask me “Is that your hair”?! I say YES and I thank Nouráge for getting it healthier!!!! I love you Nouráge!!! #happyhair #happyme

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Tracy M.-San Carlos, CA

I consider myself a “young 49 year old” so my hair, face, and a fit body are very important to me. After going through a really stressful couple of months (my 7 year old daughter required a few surgeries and I also had a death in the family) my hair fell out big time.

My doctor said that severe stress is often a precursor to hair loss and that was the likely cause and recommended Biotin to try to recover some of my lost hair. While researching hair vitamins I found Nouráge. I’ve been taking Nouráge for at least 6 months and I recommend it to anyone who asks about my hair. I now have a thick under coat of hair back which makes my hair thick, shiny and pretty again. Nouráge will always be in my daily diet. Thank you for your amazing product!


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Laura F.-Westboro, MA

Before trying Nouráge, my hair was dry, damaged, and wouldn’t grow past a certain length. Now I get compliments on how shiny my hair is, how long it is, and I love my hair again!

I signed up for the subscription plan and I am hooked. I found out about Nouráge when I was researching what Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills does to her beautiful hair. Nouráge is truly an amazing hair secret. I have recommended Nouráge to everyone I know, including my hairdresser after she asked what I was doing!


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Chyrisse A.-Bladensburg, MD

A few years ago, my hair broke off in the middle of my head near the crown and I’ve been trying for the past 3 years to grow it back. Since starting to take Nouráge, my hair has definitely grown about 2-3 inches even in the problem area in the middle of my head. My hair is also shinier and thicker. It took about 3 months for me to notice a difference in my hair health after starting to take Nouráge. I would definitely recommend Nouráge to others.


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Crystal L.-Bloomington Springs, TN

Before finding Nouráge, I had dull, dry, thin hair without shine and I was unable to grow it out to longer lengths. With Nouráge I have had significant improvement with the thickness of my hair as well as hair length. My hairstylist has even noticed the difference in the overall health of my hair. I love Nouráge!


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Debbie B.-Wichita Falls, TX

Breast cancer and chemo took a toll on my hair. It would not grow on top and it has been almost 5 years since my last chemo. So very thin! After taking Nouráge, I could see growth and thickness. My hairdresser was so impressed. Thank you so much. Your product improved my quality of life! Hair that wouldn’t grow past ½ inch in length is now longer than 2 inches!


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Kristen C.-Lompoc, CA

I initially began losing hair due to medications that I was taking. Subsequently, I lost hair due to psoriasis and exposure to lice and possible Lyme disease. What luck! Because of the emotional stress these conditions caused me, I haven’t had much of an appetite either, which I know can contribute to hair loss. I believe that Nouráge has kept the hair that I have from breaking off and promoted the growth that I have had.


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Nancy D.-College Station, TX

Like a lot of women, I was experiencing thinning hair and a lot of breakage close to the scalp. My part was getting wider and I needed to find a solution! Since trying Nouráge, my hair quality is so much better. It is now growing out so much thicker and healthier. It took about 3 months to start to notice the changes and it has been about 6 months on Nouráge and my hair is just getting better and better. I would absolutely recommend Nouráge to others!


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Alan F.-Newbury Park, CA

Before Nouráge my wife had naturally curly hair (treated with the Brazilian Keratin treatment every three months) and there was slow growth and breakage. After, she had a noticeable decrease in hair shedding, thicker hair (less breakage) and after about 6 months, rapid hair growth.

As an organic chemist, I can say that the ingredients in Nouráge can ONLY be beneficial to your hair.