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Color Me Crimson

When we think of fall, burgundy leaves, candied apples, and fiery sunsets come to mind, which has us feeling pretty inspired by nature. If you’re on the same page, you may be thinking about taking a walk on the wild side with a little red dye. Here’s some of our favorite red-headed looks to help give you that extra push you may need to be one with nature this autumn.

1.  Copper

Image Source Like a shiny penny, this glowing shade of copper is definitely worthy of attention. Our two cents: add dimension by incorporating darker and lighter copper colors throughout the hair with the balayage technique.

2.  Black Cherry

Image SourceSummer may be over, but we’re still all about that dark cherry goodness. Long live the sweetness through glossy tresses that nod to the flavor of fall. Keep your hair luxurious with Nouráge, and let this rich shade set the tone for a berry colorful autumn.

3. Rose

Image Source Rose all day...and all fall! Cheers to this unique shade that lands somewhere between blonde, pink, and red. If you’re trying to mimic a gorgeous September sunset, this may just be the color you were looking for.

4. Plum

Image Source Plum is the sister shade of black cherry. This pretty purple color is subtle, with just enough edge to make your strands stand out. Weaving in darker pieces will create the perfect autumn hair masterpiece that can be rocked from fall to winter.

5. Crimson

Image SourceBrunette with a twist; this reddish shade of auburn is subtle enough to look natural, but still adds a little pizzazz to the hair. We love how warm and rich this color is - perfect for breezy fall nights!

6. Fire Engine

Image Source Now this is what we call red! Give fire trucks a run for their money with hair that can stand out from miles away - no siren necessary. Make sure to have a color consult with a professional stylist before taking the Jessica Rabbit plunge, as this color can be tricky to execute, but oh-so rewarding when done correctly.

7. Burnt Orange

Image Source Fiery and bright, this shade of red takes on an orange hue that compliments the golden fall leaves. There’s an interesting quality about this color that is both classic and modern, all at once. Overall, we’re fall-ing in love with it.