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6 Hair Treatment Ideas to Test Out This Summer

Hair Treatment Ideas & Maintenance Tips for the Summertime

Ah—sweet summertime. If you’re like us, you love soaking up the sun at the beach, pool, lake, river, or any other inviting body of water. And while swimming or sunbathing can be great for your mind and body, the combination of the sun, water, and chemicals (chlorine, sunscreen, etc…) can wreak havoc on your hair.

Fortunately, you can still have a great time outdoors and maintain your gorgeous locks. We’re firm believers in the idea that beach hair should be sexy and fun—not dry, damaged, and tangled. To keep your hair looking its best, here are 6 hair treatment ideas and maintenance tips to test out this summer.

1. Rinse your hair before entering the pool.

If you’ve ever been to a public pool, you’ve seen (and probably ignored) the signs that tell you to rinse off before getting in the pool. Well, if you want to protect your hair—especially if it’s colored—start following this rule! When you rinse your hair beforehand, it will soak up the clean, chemical-free water—making it less likely to absorb all of the chlorine and other damaging chemicals in the pool.

2. Braid your hair before heading outside.

Wind, water, and movement are the enemies of long hair during the summer, especially if you’re combining all three. Before you hit the beach, throw your hair into a braid to make it much easier to comb through and detangle at the end of the day. Bonus: When you take your hair out of the braid, you can enjoy some pretty waves for your next engagement!

3. Use a leave-in conditioner before and after your swim.

If you plan on getting in the water at the beach, you’ll want a layer of protection between your hair and all of that salt. Apply some leave-in conditioner to your strands before getting in the water and then again after rinsing off once you’re done getting wet. A word of caution: Don’t use it if you don’t plan on getting in the water or you may be left with an oily, heavy mess on your head instead.

4. Invest in a good restorative hair mask.

No matter how much you try to protect your hair, the combination of sun, salt or chlorine, sand, and wind can leave your hair a little hard to manage. Give your hair some love with a once-a-week hair mask to help give it back its softness and shine.

5. Use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Whether you have colored hair or just want to maintain your current hue, you should absolutely be using color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. The combination of these can help protect your hair from fading and any damage from UV rays.

6. Take hair, skin, and nails vitamins every day.

Start taking hair, skin, and nails vitamins to protect your hair from the inside, out. Supplements containing keratin, vitamin C, biotin, and antioxidants can help strengthen your hair and improve its texture and shine—while also helping your skin and nails in the process. Try our revolutionary formula for yourself this summer!

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