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6 Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair This Summer

The sun is out, and summer is officially here. Most of us are in the habit of using sunscreen to mitigate skin damage, but those harmful UVA and UVB rays can do just as much damage to our hair. We know this is the season of getting your best tan and summer glow, so we found 6 ways you can protect your hair while still enjoying the sweet sunshine. Keep reading to learn how to have shiny, frizz-free hair all season. 

1. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is key to hair growth and strength, since water is essential for cell health and reproduction. When your hair is dehydrated from the hot summer sun, it becomes dry and weak. Luckily, drinking water is an easy fix that can nourish damaged, brittle hair and restore lost moisture. Better yet, try a rosé spritzer, with equal parts rosé and sparkling water, to enjoy a summer staple and nourish your hair all in one!

2. Direct protection 

The best way to protect your hair from the sun is to avoid direct contact by wearing a hat or scarf. This prevents the harmful rays from damaging the strands, so they stay healthy and strong. Just throw on your sun hat and kick back by the pool––worry free!


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3. Avoid extra heat 

The hot summer months can do enough damage, so try to use as little heat styling as possible to avoid further burning. Opt for air-drying instead of blow-drying, and only use your flat iron or curler when necessary. These tools can lead to strand dehydration, as well as damage the proteins that make up hair. If you must use a heat styling tool, remember to choose the lowest temperature setting. 

4. Get a trim

Regular trims help keep your hair in check because they get rid of brittle and split ends. Getting rid of damaged ends revives the hair’s movement and shine, as well as making it more manageable to style. Most stylists recommend cutting your hair every eight to twelve weeks, so pop in at the beginning and end of the summer to maintain a sleek look all season. 

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5. Keep eating hair-healthy foods

Many foods promote hair health by offering vitamins and essential nutrients. Berries like raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries have biotin and vitamin c, which strengthen hair follicles and reduce breakage. Oily fish and avocados have omega-3 fatty acids, which nourish hair by delivering healthy oils. Incorporating these hair-healthy foods into your diet will ensure that your hair stays strong and hydrated during the summer heat. For more ideas, check out our full list of the top 5 Foods for Healthy Hair

6. Try a natural hair mask at home 

A DIY hair mask can work wonders for sun-damaged hair. Start with an olive oil base to hydrate the hair and reduce frizz. Adding honey helps lock in moisture, while delivering essential antioxidants for damage repair. Bananas are also packed with natural oils that promote shine, and B vitamins that improve overall hair health and strength, to protect against split ends and dryness. Whip up these simple ingredients and apply to damp hair for 30 minutes for smoother, damage-free hair. If masks aren’t your thing, check out our Nourage supplements to get the same benefits of strong, shiny hair. 

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Summer should be a time of relaxation and revival. With these tips you can enjoy the sun without sacrificing healthy, gorgeous hair.    Sources:  “Best Ways to Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage,” Cleveland Clinic “How Does Water Help In Hair Growth?” Stylecraze “How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?” LiveAbout  “Best DIY Hair Mask Essential Ingredients,” NuMe