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6 Ways to Spice Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Oh yeah, it’s that time of the year…sunshine season! If you're trying to spice up your summer wardrobe with the latest trends, we have all the style tips you need. Summer 2019 will be bringing you back to 1985, with everything from ruffled floral dresses to oversized blazers to bike shorts. Yes, I said bike shorts! But trust us, when you put them on, you’re not going to want to take them off. These trends have all been influenced by ‘80s fashion with a modern twist. From the runway to the streets, we have six styles that will have you rethinking your summer essentials.

Biker Shorts

nourage fashionnourage fashion 1

We all love leggings because of their comfort, so for those hot summer days, bike shorts are the next best thing. It’s no longer a piece you just wear to the gym—the runway styled it for all occasions. It makes perfect sense why this trend is taking off. Who doesn't love comfy clothes you can wear to dinner? Dress it up with a crop top and blazer, or pair it with an oversize tee and your favorite tennis shoes.

Animal Prints

nourage fashion 2nourage fashion 3

All types of animal prints have been thriving on the runway, from cow to snake to tiger, you name it! Whether you’re adding a touch of leopard or going full zebra, don't be afraid to be bold. 

Oversized Blazers

nourage fashion 4nourage fashion 5

The oversize look is hitting the streets of 2019, which means exaggerated shoulders and long hems. You might feel as if you’ve time traveled back to 1985, but looking way more chic and with better hair, thanks to Nourage! Pair it with a simple tank and Bermuda shorts, and you’ve transformed the baggy jacket to your new go-to!

Floral Dresses

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I mean, you can’t go through summer without a floral dress in your closet, right?! Florals will probably be on trend every summer, but this year you’ll see it with ruffles or puffed shoulders. No 80's shoulder pad here. Stay pretty and dainty with modern proportions, colors, and fabrics, making this style flattering for everyone.

Pastel Tones

nourage fashion 8nourage fashion 9

Pastels aren't just for Easter Sunday. From Marc Jacobs to Balmain, these creamy colors have been seen all over the runway. Go all out from head to toe, or mix it with neutrals like brown, granite, soybean, or sweet corn—yes, we're still talking colors! 

Utility Jumpsuits

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The utility jumpsuit has taken a turn for the better, with slimming lines and unbeatable function. It’s the all-in-one outfit that you don’t have to think much about. Not to mention, it has the comfort you can't get from a dress. Add bold earrings and your favorite pumps to make it chic. Although these trends aren’t for everyone, it’s good to garner inspiration from all places—whether it’s the latest trends or your own interests. You don't have to be a fashion-risk-taker to keep up on the latest fads. Dip your toe in the water by adding a touch of each trend to your style. What’s most important is feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear!