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Hot Shapes, Designs, And Nail Trends To Take Your Manicure To The Next Level

Call up your manicurist because we’re breaking down the most on-point trends when it comes to the world of nails. With your daily dose of Nouráge’s patented blend of vitamins, you can count on strong, healthy nails no matter how long, intricate, or intense they get. Get ready to nail it!


1. Coffin

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Made famous by Kylie Jenner, this flattering shape looks best on longer nails. The way the tip narrows at the end makes fingers appear longer and slimmer.

2. Almond

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Resembling the shape of an almond, this trend is a bit softer and more versatile of a look with its rounded edges.

3. Squoval

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Similar to the almond look, this shape is a mix between square and oval, which makes for a delicate and natural looking nail.

4. Stiletto

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The most intense shape on our list, the stiletto is a fierce, pointed look that you may have to be a bit careful with. Caution: don't get too close to your eyes!

Designs & Colors

5. Wire

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This brand new nail art was debuted by Mani Queen Eun Kyung Park aka @nail_unistella on Instagram in early 2017. She recommends using a thin wire with a clean finish that won't snag on clothing.

6. Marble

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In our opinion marble will always be a super chic design. The color combinations are endless, but we’re loving the classic gray tones.

7. Shattered Glass

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Blow minds with the shattered-glass look that’s sweeping through salons everywhere. Don’t worry though - this intricate design won’t cause bad luck.

8. Chrome

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Glamazons rejoice! Slay all day with an ultra fabulous chrome mani that will cause some serious nail envy.

9. Minimalist

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Easy-peasy, but oh-so cool and long lasting. This clean and simple look is one you can definitely try at home without breaking the bank.